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G2RV-SR interface relays from OMRON
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Relpol industrial relays - R2N, R3N, and R4N

Relpol industrial relays - R2N, R3N, and R4N

The new series of R2N, R3N, and R4N industrial relays from RELPOL is a modernisation of the well-known and proven R2, R3, and R4 electromagnetic relays. The new RELPOL relays have identical pin configuration and technical parameters as the R2, R3, and R4 relays from the previous series.

Relpol’s upgrades of their production technology enabled them to achieve higher performance of the electromagnet, add a new functionality of mechanical flag indicator, strengthen the insulation, improve reliability, and come up with a modern design.

Besides the standard indicator and a test button with the lock function, the relays can be equipped with an LED light indicator or an overvoltage suppression diode. The R2N, R3N, and R4N industrial relays give you more possibilities of creating circuits in comparison with traditional 1-or 2-pole components. You can e.g. simultaneously connect a three-phase circuit and signal that.

TME’s offer also includes compatible sockets for these relays.


Operating voltage 250 V AC / 24 V DC / max 440 V AC / max 250 V DC
Contact resistance 100 mΩ
External dimensions 27,5 x 21,2 x 35,6 mm
Sealing class IP40
Contact material AgNi


Symbol Contact Rated Ucoil Ucoil Rcoil Working
  config current       temp.
    [A] [V DC] [V AC] [Ω] [°C]
R2N2012231012WT DPDT 12 12 - 160 -40...70
R2N2012231024WT DPDT 12 24 - 640 -40...70
R2N2012231220WT DPDT 12 220 - 54000 -40...70
R2N2012235024WT DPDT 12 - 24 158 -40...55
R2N2012235115WT DPDT 12 - 115 3610 -40...55
R2N2012235120WT DPDT 12 - 120 3770 -40...55
R2N2012235230WT DPDT 12 - 230 16100 -40...55
R3N2013231024WT 3PDT 10 24 - 640 -40...70
R3N2013231024WTLD 3PDT 10 24 - 640 -40...70
R3N2013235024WT 3PDT 10 - 24 158 -40...55
R3N2013235230WT 3PDT 10 - 230 16100 -40...55
R4N2014231012WT 4PDT 6 12 - 160 -40...70
R4N2014231024WT 4PDT 6 24 - 640 -40...70
R4N2014235024WT 4PDT 6 - 24 158 -40...55
R4N2014235230WT 4PDT 6 - 230 16100 -40...55
R4N2014235024WTL 4PDT 6 - 24 158 -40...55
R4N2014235230WTL 4PDT 6 - 230 16100 -40...55
R4N2014231012WTLD 4PDT 6 12 - 160 -40...70
R4N2014231024WTLD 4PDT 6 24 - 640 -40...70
R4N2314231024WTL 4PDT 6 24 - 640 -40...70
R4N2014231220WTLD 4PDT 6 220 - 54000 -40...70

POLOLU reflective sensor modules
POLOLU reflective sensor modules
TME has included in its offer POLOLU reflective sensor modules, available in two versions:
MOLEX antennas
TME introduces into its offer antennas of a renowned manufacturer MOLEX. Ready-to-use antennas are characterized by their compact size, efficiency and a wide range of configurations for all popular protocols and frequencies, i.a.:
MOLEX antennas
EMR6 monitoring relays
EMR6 monitoring relays
TME offer now includes new EMR6 monitoring relays manufactured by EATON ELECTRIC, replacing EMR4 & EMR5 series relays. These are, among others, temperature monitoring relays, current and voltage relays with a selective window. Thanks to the wide range of supply voltage, new EMR6 relays are a multi-purpose solution which reduces machine downtime and ensures early detection of possible errors at work.
New COBI ELECTRONIC heating devices
TME introduces into its offer new COBI ELECTRONIC products, namely radiator and blower heaters for cabinets with a heating capacity of 10-400W.
New COBI ELECTRONIC heating devices
Power cord splitter cables from ASSMANN
Power cord splitter cables from ASSMANN
Y-type power supply cables from ASSMANN enable the connection of two PCs or monitors using one mains socket less.
4-in-1 TFT displays from POWERTIP
TME's offer has been enriched by small and medium-sized TFT graphic displays from POWERTIP. An important feature is the 4-in-1 concept, which enables the user to choose from four display sizes (3.5", 4.3", 5", and 7") while using the same type of signal cable. The cables have identical geometric dimensions, and utilize the same control signal lines.
4-in-1 TFT displays from POWERTIP
G2RV-SR interface relays from OMRON
G2RV-SR interface relays from OMRON
The G2RV-SR 6.2mm wide interface relays from OMRON feature single-pole electromagnetic relays that ensure contact rating up to 6A. Their transparent enclosures let you visually confirm contact status.
LUP-20-LED-SMD desktop magnifier
The offer of Transfer Multisort Elektronik has been enriched by a new model of a desktop magnifier with LED backlight from NEWBRAND.
LUP-20-LED-SMD desktop magnifier
X-LOK series of round connectors from AMPHENOL
X-LOK series of round connectors from AMPHENOL
TME's offer includes X-lok series connectors, featuring a fast and secure push-lock locking method. This means saving time while connecting and disconnecting the plugs. AMPHENOL connectors come in three sizes (Standard B, Middle C, and Large D), and with various numbers of pins (from 3 to 18). What's also important, the connectors offer the IP68 degree of protection, which means they can be used in applications requiring waterproofness.
U-BLOX industrial Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Communication modules
NINA-W10 modules manufactured by U-BLOX are the smallest industrial Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Communication modules. The stand-alone Nina-W10 modules, manufactured by a Swiss company U-BLOX, combine a highly-efficient, dual-core, 32-bit MCU with the open CPU architecture, and a high-class Wi-Fi/Bluetooth multiradio module.
U-BLOX industrial Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Communication modules
Mechanical Power Transmission OPTIBELT
Mechanical Power Transmission OPTIBELT
TME expands its range and now also offers Alpha Torque series timing belts and belt pulleys manufactured by OPTIBELT – the leading manufacturer of industrial power transmission solutions. OPTIBELT products are applicable in R&D and maintenance departments, they can also be used as elements of various machines and devices, such as 3D printers, copying machines, scanners, fans and drives of belt and roll conveyors.
Harting Han M23 circular connectors
New series of HARTING Han M23 connectors replaced the old series E23. We offer pin inserts with welded and crimped pin connections (pins are available separately) or PCB montage pins.
Harting Han M23 circular connectors
THERMALTRONICS TMT-PH300 are infrared radiant heaters for pre-heating PCB boards before soldering.
WIZWIKI-W7500 development kit
WIZWIKI-W7500 is a development kit utilizing W7500 controller with a maximum frequency of 48MHz made by WIZNET. This system is based on ARM architecture with a Cortex-M0 core.
WIZWIKI-W7500 development kit
Hummel cable glands
Hummel cable glands
TME's offer includes a wide selection of cable glands from HUMMEL, a German manufacturer of wire and cable accessories. Their solutions are characterised by durability and excellent workmanship quality.
New POLOLU 20D motor series
TME’s offer has been enriched by a new series of POLOLU 20D motors from a popular American manufacturer, POLOLU. These are small DC motors with a diameter of 20 mm, featuring above-average speed and torque capabilities.
New POLOLU 20D motor series
Zelio Logic series Programmable Relays
Zelio Logic series Programmable Relays
TME’s offer has been enriched by Zelio Logic series programmable relays from SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC in two versions: Compact and Modular.
BLEBOX wireless control system
With the BLEBOX wireless control system, you can easily and comfortably control lighting, entrance gates, shutters, and home appliances from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet.
BLEBOX wireless control system
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